Santa Cruz

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Bronson: 27.5″, 150mm travel, All-Mountain. Shaped by rider’s desire to have a bike that can rally on the downhills and not leave you in the back of the pack on the uphill. If your ideal ride is a pedal to the top of an epic downhill, this bike is the bike for you. 


5010: 27.5″, 130mm travel, Trail. An efficient climber with a stable downhill platform. A perfect bike for ripping Central Oregon single track.


Tallboy: 29″, 100mm travel, Trail. The king of rolling efficiency, this 29″er will have you smiling and forgetting about the miles as you clean rock gardens and zip through corners.


Heckler: 27.5″, 150mm travel, All-Mountain. A more wallet friendly version of the Bronson but with the same concept. Pedal to the top to rip back down.


Hightower: 27.5+” & 29″, 135mm travel, Versatile Trail. With the ability to switch between two different wheel sizes, this bike can conquer most trails you’ll come across. Use the 27.5+” for loose conditions (think sand or snow) where traction is key. When it’s time to hit the single track and you want a more traditional performance, swap in the 29″.